About us

Innovation improving business
We deliver innovations that make your business more efficient, reliable and secure. We started selling electronic components in 1971, and our  success brought along challenges. To solve these challenges, we developed our own solutions and reliable business systems that are now recognized and used by multinational Fortune 500 companies.


We are ISO certified

Hatteland is certified to manage our business and ensure a philosophy of improvement in all aspects of your business, NS-EN ISO 9001:20015.

Management team Hatteland


Jakob Hatteland

Jakob Hatteland
President / owner
Jakob Hatteland Holding AS

Ellen Hatteland

Ellen Hatteland
Managing Director
Jakob Hatteland Group Management AS

Sten Stenersen
Hatteland Group

Stig Hatteland

Stig Hatteland
CEO / owner / Managing Director RamBase
Hatteland Group

Jakob Hatteland Computer AS: RamBase


Stig Hatteland

Stig Hatteland
CEO / owner / Managing Director

Karl Inge Stensland

Odd Magne Vea

Thorvald Gundersen
Manager Professional Services 

Per Ejnar Thomsen
Product Manager

Tor Håkon Haugen
Operations Manager

Jakob Hatteland Solutions AS: EMP Secure



Knut Dommersnes
Managing Director


Dag Haaland
Sales Director

Knut Inge Knapskog
Operation Director

Kurt Misje
IT Operations Manager

Otto Dahl
Manager HW/SW Sales

Vest Jet AS & Mapex AS:

Robert Larsen
Vest Jet AS

Jone Matre
Mapex AS