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Great ideas move us

To us, innovation means down-to-earth solutions to real-world problems. Bold ambitions are important, but our innovations must be practical, feasible and for a reason.

We look for the possibility of actual change for the better, and most importantly, for the kind of people who can make it happen.

1. Entrepreneurship

We look for an entrepreneurial spirit, people with the willpower to get things off the ground.

2. Momentum

Our resources must be intelligently allocated in order to provide the necessary forward momentum to our projects.

3. Vision

Goals and a clear vision of what we want to achieve will steer us in the right direcion.

4. People

None of this can be done without the right people. At Hatteland we believe in attracting these people, challenging them to reach new heights, and giving them the resources they need to succeed. As we have done since 1971.

Ripple effects

Since 1971, Hatteland has created room for ideas to grow. The innovations we’ve introduced have been practical necessities — down-to-earth solutions to real problems.

When we invest we look for lasting and far-reaching value. We look for impact and ripple effects that make investments work for as many people as possible further down the line. Building businesses is one way, investing in them another. Even when we exit a business, we try to make sure it stays in the community which helped build it. That way, a sound investment continues to reap benefits for generations.


Jakob Hatteland Electronics was founded in 1971
Jakob Hatteland started up with scarce resources and hard work. First proper office was set up in a barn in Åmsosen, Norway


Breakthrough for the company
Jakob Hatteland Electronics developed as a distributor of electronic components and grew into an important industrial player with international ambitions. Partnership agreements was signed with big global companies such as Philips, Texas Instruments, Sharp and Siemens.


Down-to-earth solutions to real problems
In order to expand internationally and keep a healthy economy, the company needed to find new solutions to internal challenges. Several business ideas saw the light of day. RamBase was constructed in 1992 to control information and business processes. EMP Secure was initiated in 1993 in order to manage information technology and secure values. In 1995 Jakob Hatteland Display was built up as an individual unit for high quality industry monitors. AutoStore was invented in 1996 to be able to store more in less space and improve handling in complex warehouses.


A new era as an industrial investor
Jakob Hatteland Electronics was sold in 2000 and Jakob Hatteland Display was sold in 2007. Money was re-invested. Ideas, projects and companies that had been developed as necessary solutions during the growth of Jakob Hatteland Electronics were now further strengthened. Hatteland subsidiaries were brought up with the recipe from earlier years; hands-on entrepreneurship, vision for the future, and a focus on doing things properly. All with great people to move projects forward.


Development of strong brands
More investments in people and technology resulted in stronger companies and stronger brands. With the sale of AutoStore in 2017 – the first Norwegian unicorn, Hatteland re-established its position as a strong industrial investor. With the foundation of Ydra in 2018 and the purchase of Inosa in 2019 these brands represent, together with EMP Secure and RamBase, the backbone of new ideas and innovations in Hatteland for the next century.


Ambitions for the future
With an exciting era of digital transformation and new technology, Hatteland will continue to nurture ambitions and create room for ideas to grow, enabling our people and companies to succeed in the future

What we believe

A few things has brought us this far. A few values, or ways of thinking. They constitute the foundation of our company culture and important guidelines on how we interact with each other and with the world around.

The habit of integrity

Our customers, partners, colleagues and all of society around us must trust us, and we must work to build that trust. We won’t put turning a profit before running our business ethically and properly.

The will to create

We live to create, and we hire likeminded people. We love building, improving and changing, to see something made from nothing because we’ve spotted an opportunity, and because we’ve worked hard to see it happen.

The spirit of work

Hard work, dedication, grit. Whatever you call it, we believe that great things can be done simply by getting down to work, keep coming back to it, and not giving up. We demand a sense of pride in our work from each other, and hold ourselves to a high standard.